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Masterclass with Christos !

Get a personal masterclass from Christos on how to cook amazing food

Cooking lessons by a Masterchef

Take a one-to-one private cookery class or invite a couple of friends to join you

  • Are very ‘hands-on’. What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand!

  • Are tailored to your tastes and cooking experience; from novice to competent cook.

  • Happen in your home, using your equipment, making it easy for you to repeat the dishes afterward.

  • Include good quality ingredients which your chef will bring along.

  • Include professional tips, techniques, and juicy insider stories from your chef!

  • 3 hours with Christos

All about our masterclass
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Ever wanted to know the culinary secrets of your favorite Chef Dish?


Well, now you can!


Christos offers Masterclasses in person, in the comfort of your own kitchen!

You can learn how to cook Fresh Pasta, 3-course meals, Daily meals and international recipes. 


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