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Hiring Personal Chef

Treat Your Guests With Lip-Smacking Dishes By Hiring A Personal Chef!

Special events call for a get-together and yummy delicious foods. No matter what the event is about, food always reigns as a star of the show. Hosting get-togethers has never been more effortless, which has now become an easy job with a personal chef. Indulging yourself in cooking meals rather than enjoying a party leaves you no little-to-no-time to mingle. Thus, why spend hours cooking different cuisines when hiring private chef services can help you from deciding the menu to serving and to cleaning the mess? 


If you are searching for a private chef, you can connect with Chef Christos Natsios to have exotic, tempting dishes on your tables.

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What Mouth-Watering Cuisines We Offer!

Whether you want to taste Mexican, Italian, French, and Modern English cuisine or exotic ones like Japanese and Korean, Michelin has a great experience serving all types of dishes. If you want to arrange a small get-together at home or a dinner party, you can make an appointment in advance for private chef hire and later can enjoy tempting dishes. It includes:


  • Fine Dining - You can enjoy exotic dishes for fish lovers, meat lovers, Korean dishes, etc., at your fine dining party.

  • BBQ -  Host the BBQ party in a luxurious style, with unlimited food from starters to the main course, the delicious desserts.

  • Asian Dishes -  A private home chef can also fulfill your appetite if you are a sushi lover. Chef Christos Natsios can serve you the Asian menu decided by keeping the dietary requirements too. 

  • Italian - You can enjoy lobster, beef, desserts, etc. 

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Get Culinary Lessons By Enrolling In Our Private Classes

Undoubtedly, cooking is a therapeutic art, and one can become an artist. Apart from hiring a full-time private chef service, you can also learn to cook your favorite dishes from chef Christos Natsios. We offer masterclasses in person, in the comfort of your kitchen! From learning fresh pasta to 3-course meals to international recipes, you will learn to cook many dishes.

Serve Your Table With Delicious Cuisines With A Private Chef!


Hiring a private chef for dinner party comes with lots of perks. From preparing exotic cuisines to serving them on tables, be it for your private get-together or a big event chef Christos Natsios will be there to serve you a delicious meal. Get in touch with us today to book a private chef for your event at a reasonable cost!

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